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"Let's Activate the Miraculous with Love!" ~ Happy Oasis

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Happy Oasis

Founder of The Budding Blissology Movement & Bliss U (University) • Certifying Blissologists Commencing in June 2013 •  More Than 60 Seminars & PlayShops For Blissologists in 2012 • Editor of Bliss U (monthly) eNews • Author of the first interactive Blissology play book about the Blissiplines • Bliss Conscious Communication: Transmuting Ordinary Chats Into Extraordinary Conversations and • Uncivilized Ecstasies, New Zealand's #1 best-selling adventure poetry book  • Adventure Anthropologist who abided overseas for more than a decade, adopted by tribal families • as a Guide in the Himalayas and •  Coordinator at meditation jungle monasteries... for many years • Health & Happiness Consultant  •  "Mother of Today's Raw Vegan Movement" • Founder of the Raw Spirit Fest and Raw Spirit Community (monthly) eNews • "Let's Get Wild!" Edible Plant Foraging and International Wilderness Guide • Fitness Mentor • Vibrant Vegan Consultant • Sleep Coach • Songwriter • Poet •  Meditation Friend • Founder of Wise Wild Woman Events

www.WildVegetarianAdventures.comJoyous Healthful Worldwide Joyrneys in Sacred wild places, including upcoming Havasu Falls in May, 2011. www.HappyOasis.com Multi-faceted Happy & her spectacular retreat in the Gorgeous Granite Dells of Arizona, booked until August 2013. New Site Soon!

www.RawSpirit.com  World's largest & longest lived 501c3 non-profit raw vegan-eco-peace-music festival, founded in Sedona, Arizona for "education, inspiration and celebration".

Happy Heavenly Oasis, considered "The Mother of The Raw Vegan Spirit Movement", was the philanthropist, founder & CVO of Raw Spirit Festival Inc, a 501c3 non-profit educational corporation that catalyzed today's raw vegan economy as the "World's Largest Raw Vegan-Eco-Peace Celebrations" with more than 200 festivals offered around the USA from May 2004 to 2012.

After the 2nd "Raw Spirit Maui Festival" over Valentines Weekend of 2011, at an oceanfront retreat, Ms. Oasis returned home to the gorgeous Granite Dells of Arizona, where for 20 years she has been the caretaker of Arizona's coziest and most fun-loving raw vegan retreat.

Happy is the author of "Uncivilized Ecstasies" which was New Zealand's best selling adventure poetry book while she was resident of what is deemed the South Pacific's wildest island, Motu Aotea, near Auckland, New Zealand. Happy also authored "Bliss Conscious Communication" and therein coined the terms Blissologist, Blissiplines, May The Bliss Be With You, Myriad Blissings, etc and Bliss Forth! Her Bliss Book is the world's first interactive blissful communications playbook and is sought out by Communications classes by high schools, colleges, universities, spiritual retreats, churches, therapists and more. She was honored with the distinction of being one of the “Happiest One Hundred” people in the "Story of the Smiling Man" excerpted from the Book "Happy for No Reason" by Marci Shimoff which was featured on Oprah.

As the primary sponsor of the Raw Spirit Festival for which she has been essentially volunteering more than full time now for eight years, since Ms. Oasis realized at a young age that it was not her destiny to bear children due to health concerns. Therefore, she chose to commit herself to volunteering, which she has done for decades with Habitat for Humanity, with Mother Theresa's, as a trekking guide in the Himalayas, Tasmania and Alaska, etc, as the International Meditation Retreat Coordinator at Thailand's Wat Suon Mokkh Jungle Monastery; as well as being leading volunteer or volunteer manager at temples, ashrams, monasteries, refugee camps, farms, marine biology research programs, tribal hamlets and orphanages.

A raw vegan health consultant at spas abroad and a meditation guide in numerous temples and mountain tops, Happy has taught intuitive wild edible plants classes "Lets Get Wild!" in more than a dozen ecosystems around the planet.

Founding editor-publisher of Inspiring Times, Happy's prolific articles, stories, poetry and philosophy have featured in books, magazines and newspapers internationally.

While in solitary refinement as a forest fire lookout for nearly a dozen years on a mountain top, or backpacking broadly and abiding on New Zealand's remote, virtually-uninhabited Motu Aotea (White Cloud Island), Happy authored the Earth's only wild, raw vegan, international travelers' adventure poetry book, Uncivilized Ecstasies, a New Zealand best-seller, and Bliss Conscious Communication, an interactive playbook that heightens conversational kundalini and has been featured at many communication playshops.

A lifelong, gentle-but-persistent, environmental, peace, cultural and social activist, Ms. Oasis has been instrumental in winning several environmental cases, the most recent located beside her Arizona home when she appealed to and joined forces with the Army Corps of Engineers to stop developers from illegally building condominiums on a gorgeous little canyon lake which the developers destroyed. Upon her counsel, the Army Corps oversaw the developers' replanting of hundreds of trees, which with Happy's prompting, culminated in the developer donating the unusually scenic land for a permanent open-space park now annexed and managed by the City of Prescott, AZ. Consequently, Oasis has worked as a consultant and guest lecturer to environmental organizations and at universities.

The Chief Visionary Officer’s dream is to see Raw Spirit Festivals and other similar cooperating festivals happen every weekend of the year, not only nationally, but also around the world. Due to diligent persistence and determination to follow the highest spiritual truth in a pragmatic way, her dream has come true. How do we know? There were only four raw vegan restaurants in America in 2001; today there are more than 200. Moreover, guess what is the most accepted weight loss diet this year in the USA? This is huge. Alas, people everywhere around the world are finding out about what has been for centuries nature's best-kept health secret.

Happy concocted the idea of the Raw Spirit 100 Club in August of 2010, which hallmarks the raw and healthy-living movement's first ever service organization of seasoned professionals who have been friends of the Raw Spirit Festival. Those interested in joining may apply at any time of year with the new President, Derryck Lamptey, who is taking Raw Spirit Festival to the next level of professionalism, since Ms. Oasis emphasizes that she is foremost a spiritual ethics and meditation teacher, poet, singer, songwriter, swimmer, oriental and natural philosopher, linguist, adventure anthropologist, celebrant and simple wilderness guide who still frequently sleeps beneath the stars, rather than a business office administrator, so is choosing to reduce the huge work load of festival administration by offering small retreats rather than larger festivals so that she can return what she loves most: playing music to one friend (of any species) at a time while walking or skipping through the wilderness, swimming in oceans, rivers and streams; having time to sleep, wonder, cuddle, and pillow talk; to pray, silently receive then share inspirational affirmations, parables, and poetry, gaze into nature, run like a gazelle, and slowly explore this incredibly wild and beautiful planet one precious step at a time.

An inspirational orator at symposiums, retreats, temples, churches, schools, colleges, and universities as well as on TV shows, radio shows and environmentally-educative cruise ships, these days Ms. Oasis loves to offer others the Raw Spirit Festival stage in enthusiastic support of the many astute speakers, authors, chefs and entertainers who encourage us to achieve astounding heights of health to benefit both humanity and the Earth.

Happy is on semi-sabbatical yet is at your service in spirit behind the scenes and welcomes you to grace us with your presence at 2012's eclectic array of Raw Spirit Retreats, on tour, and at fascinating forays www.WildVegetarianAdventures.com, following the New Year's Raw Spirit Festival in Phoenix, AZ. Hope you will join us at these most Raw Spirit events to enjoy 2012 in the most conscious, healthful, fun-loving way imaginable.  Exulted Friend, Myriad Blissings To You, Wherever & Whatever You Do!  www.happyoasis.com

Let's Activate The Miraculous.
Bliss Forth With Love,
Happy Oasis



Profile Information

1 ~ INSTRUCTIONS: Please answer the following seven questions to inform the community about yourself and enhance your experience at the Sedona Source Center. Answers are NOT REQUIRED to join, and you can always fill them out later on your MYPORTAL page. Let us know what’s been inspiring you these days!
Singing, Dancing and Poetically Communing with YOU as we raise our conversational kundalini at Blissology Playshops and Retreats. Hiking along newly discovered,fresh-to-us, trails each day with beloved friends.
2 ~ What is your "JOB" (aka Joy of Being)? What especially delights you?
Playing, singing, dancing, swimming,running, skipping,snuggling,loving, praying, giving, snorkeling, forgiving, gazing, lazing, serving, feeling amazing!

Compassion, beauty, simplicity, truth, joy, kindness, creativity,
3 ~ What would you love to offer to and share with our community?
I'd love to share sweet joyous friendship, inspirations, unique ideas, uplifting humor, loving kindness celestial songs, and splendid creations such as the:
UNCIVILIZED ECSTASIES book also by Happy Oasis

Scroll down below for delicious responses to the intriguing Question 5 for multitudinous revelations.
4 ~ What do you value most in life? Which virtues do you most admire in people? And, how do you feel we can deepen, expand and enhance our community?
What do I most value in life? Integrity, service, unstoppable joy, a trusting heart, love for the Universe, the loveliest international, intercultural family of beloving friends, sweetness, humor, meditation, gentleness, exercise, health, friendliness, all-inclusiveness, unconditional peace, compassion, enthusiasm, nature's beauty, deepening wisdom, the company of trees, mountains, oceans, ponds, flowers, creatures of all kinds, children of all ages, sages of all ages, our inherent oneness, ceaseless daily miracles, ceaseless frequent miracles, and more ceaseless moment-to-moment miracles, including you!

I most value the VIRTUES of kindness, honesty, cheerfulness, appreciation, encouragement, cooperation, sweetness, enthusiasm, nobleness, verbal affection, peacefulness, slowness-to-anger, playfulness, intelligence, fun, creative genius, originality, helpfulness, gumption, self-motivation, open-minded ability to see many perspectives simultaneously, international languages, intercultural, multi-dimensional understanding, ability to mediate, and other marvelous facets of wisdom.
5 ~ Which intriguing concepts, local endeavors, links, music, art, websites, books, films, inventions, Sedona businesses and events have you been exploring?
For starters, HAPPYOASIS.com,is Arizona’s Most Spectacular, Cozy & Happy Ashram, featuring Inspirational Group and Individualized Retreats in the Summer of 2012:


Starting the season with LETS GET WILD! (Edible Plant Foraging) on Sunday May 6th, noon to 2 pm. $15

WILDVEGETARIANADVENTURES.com 'Exploring Exotic Natural Paradises Around the Planet'

NEW! WISE WILD WOMEN, 'An Extraordinary Women’s Fest!

RAWSPIRITFEST.com 'Our Planet’s Largest & Leading Raw Vegan-Eco-Music Peace Gatherings'

“The HappyO & Johnny Light Show” commenced the 2012 Loving Kindness Tour on Feb 14th to last throughout the year!

ICResource.com "Inspirational Communications Resource"
‘The Source For Community Evolutionaries’
Do You Have the Juice Join Us?!
By Special Invitation:
Happy@HappyOasis.com 928.308.2146 FB: Happy Oasis
“Let’s Activate the Miraculous! Bliss Forth!” ~ HappyO
6 ~ Please share a few quotes, poems or lyrics that most embody your essence.
“Loving Kindness is the greatest change agent.” ~ Happyo

"The sun doesn't know how strong she is
the moon doesn't know his grace
so how could you know the wonderful skies
hidden behind your face?" ~ Happyo

"Let's Activate the Miraculous. Bliss Forth!" ~ Happyo
7 ~ How can the Sedona Source Center best serve you? What do you envision could be a few of the most beneficial things that could happen from actively using this site? Feel free to be outrageous!
Thank You Source Center Organizer for already serving us by supporting our community! What I'm wondering is how can we support the Sedona Source Center? It is a huge labor of love to create, grow and maintain an on interactive, social network community as you have here. Thank you so much. We are deeply grateful!Do you accept volunteers? If so, how may we help?

What beneficial things might happen?

Heaven on Earth.

"A small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead
What is your primary Website or Blog link?
What is your Facebook, LinkedIn OR Twitter link?

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