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By Danny Neskovic

In 2006, for the first time in the world, a lawsuit against Coca-Cola was initiated in Turkey over the composition of the drink. The label usually states that Coca-Cola contains sugar, phosphoric acid, caffeine, caramel, carbon dioxide, and a little "extract."
This fragment only created suspicion. Coca-Cola's concern was forced to reveal the secret of what they actually make coke out of. It was fluid from the cochineal insect. Grasshopper is an insect that lives in the Canary Islands and Mexico. The insect sucks itself into the plant, drinks its juice from it, and never moves from its place. A special field is being prepared from this insect. The villagers collect insects.
The females and eggs of these insects produce a pigment called carmine, which turns coca-cola brown. Dried clippers look like raisins but are actually insects! Now we know what the word "coke: means in a drink. What's behind "Cola" to do this you need to tell the story of an employee who worked in the Coca-Cola factory for 23 years.
The raw material for cola is sweet carrots, many animals are fed with these roots. mammals, including mice. Big coke companies harvest these roots in tons with excavators. When you harvest many tons, pulling out the mice is impossible. Therefore, the roots are crushed along with what was between the roots. After this only remains wool legs etc, are removed from such a mass!
Because the drink has a darker shade, it is not noticeable that it contains blood and juice from the mouse's stomach. Of course, the giant Cola companies try to neutralize the harmful substances with chemicals. For 23 years, the employee who told the story never had a glass of coke.
Researchers in Washington have broken down the ingredients that makeup one of Coca-Cola's ingredients. Caramel turned out not to be melted sugar, but a chemical mixture of sugar, ammonia, and sulfur received at high pressure and temperature. It can cause lung, liver, thyroid cancer, and leukemia. It turned out to be a ghost in the gas: this is the basis of this top secret supplement "7x."
A few drops of aromatic oils, coriander, and cinnamon are added to the alcohol. And beats the insect leakage, thanks to carmine, it did not pass certification at all, which is why coke is not produced in any Country.
The body reacts to cocaine (even though most of it was taken out years ago):
After 10 min. 10 teaspoons of sugar will "beat" our system, after 20 min. there will be a spike of insulin in the blood. The liver turns all sugar into fat. After 40 min. caffeine intake is off and the mucous membrane expands. Blood pressure rises because the liver releases more sugar into the blood. Adenosine receptors are blocked, preventing drowsiness. After 45 min. your body increases the production of dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure center in the brain.
The same goes for heroin. 1 hour later phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium, and zinc in the intestines and increases metabolism and increases calcium excretion through urine. In 1.5 hrs. the urinary tract is involved. Calcium, magnesium, and zinc in bones are excreted, as are sodium, electrolytes and water. In 2 hrs. the body becomes sensitive or apathetic. All Coca-Cola is excreted through urine.
Coca-Cola under the microscope: The active ingredient in Coca-Cola is orthophosic acid. Its pH is 2.8, To transport Coca-Cola concentrate, the truck must be equipped with special containers designed for corrosive solid material.
Within 1 day or so a small nail will dissolve in a glass of Coca-Cola. Imagine what it does in your stomach and kidneys.
Detailed composition of the advertised decaffeinated Coca-Cola Light product: Aqua-carbonate, E150d, E952, E950, E951, E338 and E330.
Be aware of what they do to Humanity for many decades!

Source: Facebook


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