30. Dawning of the Corona Age by Johnny Freedom

Editor's Note: Given the title of this book, “Dawning of the Corona Age: Navigating the Pandemic”, one might imagine there is good news on the horizon. Inherently, all crises, offer opportunities for healing, for innovation and transformation in this “Corona Age”. This one is no different.

All of us are familiar with the notion of a “Golden Age”, a time and place when peace, prosperity and happiness are the primary ways of being in various utopian locations on Earth. These wonderful, spectacular, harmonious and beautiful times and places have come and gone over the millennia of human existence. We are overdue for yet another emergence of “heaven on earth”.

These Shangri-Las still exist in remote, protected pockets of humanity, places awake, loving, conscious, beauteous and serene. We invite you to create your own version of “heaven on earth” wherever you live. One day we may yet emerge as an “enlightened planetary civilization”. 

One advantage of the social isolation inherent in this pseudo-pandemic has been the necessary reflection and contemplation each of us has had to do. Whether we awaken or stay asleep is entirely up to us. Whether we awaken or remain hypnotized to the mass media hysteria being foisted upon us is entirely our choice.

This “Corona Age” is a sorting process, an initiation which implies a time of fresh possibilities, when a critical mass of human consciousness may awaken to remember who and what we really are – sovereign and free spiritual human beings transcending both the physical and material world. Then a massive shift of consciousness may occur to bring about yet another brilliant and ecstatic Golden Age. The “Corona Age” begins inside each one of us. As free people, the choice is entirely ours which way we go!

The term “coronavirus” is rooted in the word “corona”. Corona is Latin and Spanish for “crown”. The “crown” chakra at the top of the head and brain is the direct spiritual connection with the “Source of All that is”, Universal Source, Spirit, or God. The “crown” is worn by a true sovereign who makes laws governing their own life, not the lives of others.

When the crown chakra opens, whether via a practice of yoga, meditation or seated study, nature or prayer, whether by intention or whether through crisis, certain realizations arise, whereby our connection with Source brings us into direction communion with the Divine and every other living being. 

That is what our purpose for being incarnated in a human body on Earth is for – to actualize these revelations of who we truly are as eternal, infinite beings. Earth is our dualistic playground for learning the lessons of reentry into other dimensions of the Universe.

Thus the full realization of this “Corona Age" is a possible positive outcome of this COVID-19 pandemic, as it is the motivation for either opening your crown toward the light and love of Source, or surrendering in fear toward death and reincarnation once again. The Corona Age is a spiritual initiation for the entire human race and all living beings.  Welcome to this new possibility of the “Corona Age” emerging on the Earth in the 21st century.

“It's already here, the good days have come. The vision of plenty for everyone is ready to be viewed. Be not afraid, as we travel to unknown lands. The future is a shifting sand, everyone will be renewed. Twenty-first century, human beings.Living on the planet, in harmony. Healing and loving, sunshine and beauty. Peace and plenty in the Golden Age. It's already manifest, the Golden Age has come. You cannot hide, you cannot run, rise up to the light. Be not greedy, as we give freely of ourselves. Our common ground will heal us well, shine in the light.” ~ Lyrics by Johnny Light

A Significant Crossroads

These challenging, yet enlightening times, are perhaps the most significant crossroads humanity and all other living organisms, who are all now relying on us for survival, may ever face along the evolutionary path. Human evolution and the culmination of all living organisms on Earth may very well depend on both the individual and collective choices being made right now.

In these times, there exists so many converging crises and opportunities simultaneously, that our heads begin to spin like the galaxies. This is not the time, though, to bury our heads in the sand and deny what has now become obvious to those who have awakened. 

These crossroads will either liberate all humanity from the historical chains of an illegitimate Power Structure run by the Global Elite for centuries, or enslave the entire human race for generations to come. That is if humanity survives this medical and government tyranny at all.

These crossroads will separate the wheat from the chaff, the subjects willing to give up their sovereignty and freedom from the free-spirited, true human beings who will not only survive this crisis, but will thrive in the decades to come. The choice as to where you stand is always yours.

Good News for A Change

In our hearts and souls we trust that this Corona Age is within the grasp of possibility for all human beings. But to do so requires all human beings to claim their sovereignty and stand for their freedom no matter what the outcome. If we make a generous and courageous effort to focus on the positive attributes of this crisis, we will not lose sight of who and what we really are and stay focused on the outcome we’d prefer to create. 

In the midst of a seemingly negative, doomsday mainstream media narrative, imploring us to desperately give up all of our rights and freedoms for a temporary illusion of safety and security from an invisible virus that has never been isolated, we have a choice to not submit to these medical fascists, government tyrants and their obedient pawns, and choose health and wellness instead. 

My friends, this COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting death jab misnamed a “vaccine" are a “war on consciousness” by the Global Elite against the rest of humanity. in this Dark Age of deception, lies and illusion. May we all take back our power, take back our minds, hearts and souls and stand tall against tyranny of those greedy for power.

May we choose media wisely, as our mental framework, the very reality of our lives depends on our information choices. May we strive to discern the truth from lies, the truth from opposing facts and discriminate what’s real and what’ not from many sources. See “Top Media Sources”.

May we stop relying on the medical establishment, doctors and public health officials for guidance for our health and well-being. May we stop being slaves to the medical system and take responsibility for our own health and well-being.

No drug, vaccine, mandatory or voluntary, will ever make us feel safe or secure if we do not act from a state of empowerment and venture boldly into the adventure of life itself.

May we celebrate each day; may we live and enjoy our dreams to the fullest while we are still alive and healthy. The question is my friends, what are you going to do with the rest of your wild and wonderful life?

Being Generous of Spirit

Imagine, everyone surrounding you being compassionate and joyously generous with each other, giving away surplus instead of hoarding or wasting it, providing financial support as needed to families and friends, being as self-reliant, considerate, creative, loving and cooperative with each other –thereby sharing abundance whenever possible. This is a true “generosity of spirit” as it always comes back around.

Consider this example of being generous of spirit during the pandemic, the “Great Potato Giveaway” in Auburn, Washington, whereby, U.S. farmers gave away thousands of pounds of potatoes to feed families rather than leave the potatoes in the field. These simple acts of kindness can happen and do happen everywhere. 

Transition to Renewable Energy Economy & Sustainability

Due to significantly less demand that generated huge giant stockpiles of fossil fuels sitting offshore in huge tankers, the price of oil and gas plummeted during the pandemic. For a short time, the price of oil dropped to negative dollars per barrel for the first time in history. 

As a result, and after 146 years, the Rockefeller Family empire divested all their fossil fuel investments including their Exxon stock, a company they founded.

Thus, let us continue our transition to lower consumption lifestyles and renewable energy based economies, so as to sustain ourselves and life on Earth. This in and of itself may mitigate the damaging effects of rapid climate change without imposing a socialist “Green New Deal”.

Restore the Natural Environment

Due to the global lockdowns of many economies, the environment has enjoyed a short reprieve from massive air pollution in Asia and many other cities. Climate change is momentarily heading in the right direction with reduced CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, may we clean up the toxins in our environment, thus, detox our human bodies; toxins, chemical and poisons which suppress our natural immune systems and make us subject to disease (and the horrible side effects of these vaccines).

May we cease spraying industrial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides which result in chemical poisoning of Earth, crops, land, water and air. 

May we outlaw mercury, a known carcinogen and chemical poison found in amalgam dental fillings and vaccines. Let us ban fluoride in our drinking water, a known neurotoxin. May we ban unethical and illegal genetic engineering. May we outlaw GMOs in our food, our medicines and vaccines.

May we restore organic farming, horticulture, permaculture and agriculture on a massive scale to provide abundantly for humanity and all other species as well. 

Wake Up to the Biome

As we have learned, the environment, or biome, is far more important than focusing on the germ. In fact, those “germs” are integral to our own human genome as we have co-evolved together for millions of years. It is wrong-headed to think we can eradicate viruses and bacterias without eradicating ourselves. 

To build our natural immune systems and live healthy lives, eating whole organic food is a nourishing remedy for moving beyond COVID-19, thriving and living fully healthy lives in the Corona Age. My friends, it is not the unvaccinated who are the root of the problem, but those who follow the guidance of the medical establishment and wrongly abuse and damage their own bodies. It is wrong-headed to blame the healthy for your disease and sickness.

Mitigate the Health Detriments of 5G Radiation

Humanity is slowly beginning to wake up to the health detriments of 5G radiation despite its rapid deployment during COVID-19. It turns out to have been a convenient cover-up for the 5G industry to blame COVID-19 for any detrimental effects of 5G radiation. Still it has gone relatively unexamined what COVID-19 deaths and diseases should have been attributed to the effects of 5G.

May we learn to bio-remediate the radiation released from nuclear power plants, radiation from chemotherapy, radiation from power supplies and smart meters, radiation from microwaves and wifi, microwave radiation from 4G and millimeter wave radiation from 5G.

Alternative Healing & Preventive Health

Many people are beginning to wake up to alternative methods of healing and taking responsibility for their own health. Yet there are also alternative healers who have taken the “blue” pill and now believe in taking the COVID-19 vaccines.

There are the healthy effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, healthy and essential in moderation and providing our biological requirement of Vitamin D. There are numerous other healthy protocols we have covered in previous chapters.

One strange unforeseen benefit of the pandemic was that hospitals were not performing non-essential surgeries. As a result, fewer people were dying in the hospitals due to medical malpractice and inaccurate or excessive medication which is now the third largest cause of death in the U.S. 

Other people who might or might not have had COVID-19, chose to take responsibility for taking care of themselves at home instead of subjecting themselves to medical care in a hospital or an urgent care facility. Hospitalization death rates significantly dropped during the pandemic.

Additionally, fewer children were dying or suffering the side effects of vaccines since less vaccines were administered by doctors and schools which were closed; fewer infectious diseases were caught since schools were now online. Child mortality declined for the first time in decades.

Finally, optimal health and medical freedom is now recognized by millions more  as an essential right for all the people –  for without health, fully enjoying the gifts of living is virtually impossible.

“Unless we put ‘medical freedom’ into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others, will constitute the bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic…The Constitution of the Republic should make special provisions for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.” ~ Dr. Benjamin Rush

Wake Up to Sovereignty & Freedom

Today, more than ever ,we are at a most important crossroad, whereby, unless We the People act now, any sense of liberty and true freedom may be left as a distant memory from the past. Will we remain free from medical tyranny and fascism, or succumb to oppression and sink as a nation into an authoritarian, totalitarian state?

Now, this is the moment at the 11th hour and the 59th minute; to stand up for your individual sovereignty as a healthy human being in the USA or wherever you live on Earth; to defend the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights from all enemies, foreign and domestic; to manifest our inherent right as fully realized human beings.  In the final hour of this pandemic, may we take an empowered stand so that this Corona Age, a Golden Age, can truly emerge once again on Earth. 


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Source: Dawning of the Corona Age: Navigating the Pandemic by Johnny Freedom, p.164-169


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