I am Ariel hello how are you this evening. I am happy to be here with all of you and I wanted to take just a moment and wanted to talk a little bit about your relationship between yourself and love. And we have a tendency in this lifetime to think that love is something that we give to another person or something we offer to another person and hopefully we receive it in return but what we find if we take out perspective a little bit different then we can center ourselves in our physical bodies with our spiritual bodies attached and we can say that there is love all around us.
There is love that emanates from the planet itself, there is love that emanates from the composition of your body which was created with love. So, the very body that your soul or your spirit is existing in is a creation from pure love and it can vibrate pure love at all moments, at all times, in all parts of any moment in all days. Love is something that would be more considered a power or a force rather than a gift that you receive or give. Because it is the very nature of your creation. If you can understand that your body was created through the power of love, God’s gift between two people, the yin and the yang, coming together and becoming one. Then you can also look at the spirit and its creation. And its creation of the yin and the yang. Or looking at the yin and the yang as completion of two forces that come together in completion. And because of their completion they are complete and total love and light.
So, the soul is actually a result of extreme love in its creations. And in its creation, there is within it a loving purpose. And as we move toward the purpose for our creation, we find that love emanates not only from within us, from without us but all around us. And we give and receive it from everyone and everything for all people are creations of love. All souls are creations of love and souls are not limited to humans. Souls are within all living things. And they exist within all things that have been given life and the energy of that life, is love. It is that which feeds our soul as nourishment. It is that which keeps our soul moving toward our purpose and we do not need another person to be complete.
We do not need another individual or human or soul encased in a human to become complete. When we are complete, we will attract to us also humans or souls within humans that emanate love and are complete within themselves. The joining of two such people creates such a light that it echoes through the ethers and among the stars and the angels and all the way to the light, which you call God or creation. When that light sings and echoes that joining then we find even more of a reverberance of that love returning to us again and again. And with each stroke of that vibration we come closer and closer to the purpose of our creation. To the purpose and the reason, we are incarnated on this particular planet at this particular time, in this particular place and with these particular people. Sometimes it is to remind all of them that they in themselves are both love within and without. And that together makes them complete.

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